We help people solve most of the problems with electric cars.

We distribute and directly service household appliances, domestic and industrial electrical appliances. Through a network of professional technicians we offer a repair service, repair guide, spare parts supply, accessories and consumables for private customers and companies, in the domestic and professional sector.

The perfect integration of the computer systems with the repair laboratory and distribution allows you to interact quickly, offering clear and fast answers.

This makes Ennebiservice a reality increasingly appreciated by customers.

The partnership with the largest manufacturers in the world allows access to the best prices on the market and continuous technical updating. If you are a retailer or an appliance repairer and are interested in learning about our services and offering them to your customers, contact us.

We have a great thirst for the future, we work hard every day to offer customers an honest, transparent service, up to the new demands.

Ennebiservice was born from an idea of ​​Nicola in 1996 in Magione, one of the main municipalities of the Trasimeno Lake area, in Umbria. After attending electrical engineering school and an apprenticeship, on 30 June he opens a small appliance repair shop.

After two years, a change of location was decided on a busier street in Magione, because Ennebiservice's need is to stay as close as possible to local customers, who have elected it as a small point of reference for repairs and advice on the correct use of many electrical tools that are normally found inside homes.

More and more we begin to perceive how much the internet can become important even within the home and how many are its extraordinary possibilities in an ever closer future.

In the Ennebiservice counter there is already, and immediately arouses the curiosity of customers, a PC connected to Iol. But these are also years of great change, full of enthusiasm but fraught with difficulties, and the thought of giving up everything is recurring, because the demand for change implies a small but substantial revolution in thinking about one's work.

In 2000, Valentina arrives to help her brother and with her Ennebiservice begins a first division of labor by sectors of competence, separating the know-how related to repairs from that of the spare parts sales sector and from that of building a local network of technicians and home repairers.

In 2002 the first ADSL connection arrives in Magione, realizing that this new form of communication opens up extraordinary opportunities even in the world linked to work.

The network suddenly speeds up communication and the arrival of spare parts. Ennebiservice begins to establish itself in the territory of Magione and in the neighboring areas and Ebay advertisements allow a first significant online presence. Presence that is consolidated in the following year through the implementation of the first management software that allows to automate and streamline many procedures related to the sale of spare parts, repair and maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment.

But it was in 2003 that with the publication of the first website the shop became online and the adventure of direct online commerce of products and services began. Only in 2005, however, the revolution of information systems and investments in technology allow the integration of real commerce with e-commerce and the management of a dedicated Ennebiservice portal, which justifies the opening of a store in Castiglione in 2010. del Lago (Pg), thanks to the results obtained online ..

In 2011, the structuring of the new website was started. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, Ennebiservice is able to maintain and expand a direct relationship with potential customers interested in products and services both online and in the store. Arriving in 2012, a perfect integration between shops and e-commerce.

The research and the innovation of the processes allows to manage repairs, spare parts requests and service delivery in multichannel mode.

In 2013 it was decided to move the repair department, warehouse and shipping department from the shop. By moving these activities to a more comfortable and spacious location, repairs and shipments are done much faster and more accurately and the warehouse is tidier and better organized.

With this in mind, in 2014, the Castiglione del Lago headquarters moved to the central Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, with a new, bright and comfortable shop and in 2015, the year of the second IT revolution, all systems are now in virtual Cloud mode. , guaranteeing better performance, in speed and safety, both for the numerous national customers and for those, equally significant, who arrive from abroad.

In 2016 Ennebiservice is an almost completely digital company and this justifies the decision to rethink a new logistics and to transfer all the activities to a single location, the new headquarters in Strada Ludovico Ariosto.

In 2019 with great pride comes the publication of the store you are viewing.

We arrive at 2020 year that will end up in the history books, we adopt a new sales system that brings important innovations to the experience of using the online store. The Magione store is now integrated with the online store to offer customers a true multi-channel experience. 

We hope that this page will continue to be written.