Curved beak for vaporettino first, lux, go polti

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Curved beak for vaporettino first, lux, go polti
Suitable for the following models:
Pgeu0011 - Pgeu0011a Vaporettino First
Pgeu0010- Pgeu010a Vaporettino Lux
Pgeu0012- Pgeu012a vaporettino lux kit
Pteu0233- pteu0233b vaporetto go
Pteu0238- Pteu0238b Vaporetto XSTEAM
Pteu0257-pteu0257a vaporetto diffusion
Pteu0269- Pteu0269e Vaporetto Smart 40 MOP
Pteu0271-Pteu0269e Vaporetto Smart 35 MOP
Pteu0274- Pteu0274b Vaporetto SV440 Double
Pteu0276- pteu0276e vaporetto smart 100_B
Pteu0277- pteu0277e vaporetto smart 100_t
Pteu0282- Pteu0282b Vaporetto SV450 Double

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